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Food for thought – school dinners

School Dinners – a Great Opportunity

It is a great pity when this opening for feeding children the best healthy food is overlooked.  Children are hungry in the middle of the day and are in an environment where their intake can be monitored.

It’s all too easy to give them processed foods and fill them up with snacks and sweets.

Of course. there’s no point in turning the meal into horrible experience with loads of things the kids don’t like, but good fresh food can be super tasty and just as apetising.

It need not be expensive either – fresh vegetable salads or light pastries filled with tasty  concoctions  with egg, and fresh fruit to finish or a yogurt with fruit are nutritious and inexpensive.

Make it fun – and a learning experience!

Children can be taught the value of the foods they eat, and which foods are good and give a balanced diet, and a greater understanding will lead to interest in the subject, serving them well in adult life.

And preparing food,  cooking and inventing things can be such fun!  You get to try things out, find out the tastes that complement each other and in the process, learn which foods give the vitamins, minerals and calories we all need.

Hey! and then you get to EAT the results!  With any luck the child will bring some home for you to sample too.

Promote eating for health and vitality

It is known that some schools already have such a policy in place, but there are plenty that do not.  If you, as a parent can encourage your child’s school to combine teaching cooking and nutrition, and to schedule classes so that the produce can be eaten in the middle of the day – it would contribute to setting the kids on the road to healthy eating for Life.

Maybe some simple recipes would help.

I’ll see what I can find….

All best ’til next time!


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